Stainless Steel Restoration


Stainless Steel Restoration

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The stainless steel pistol slide restoration service

Just because you bought a stainless steel pistol does not mean that it is rust proof. Trying to clean the rust off using steel wool only makes weird shiney scraped areas. Let us restore your factroy stainless steel slide back to what it looked like when new. We will preform a two part process that starts with abriasvive blasting your slide. The abrasive blasting will refresh the metal removing all rust, tarnsih, minor flaws and blemishes like scratches. We will then Glass bead the slide for a beautiful factory fresh looking satin stainless slide. We need about 1-3 weeks to complete a project. I can not give you an exact timeline since I do not know how busy I will be at any caertain time. Remember while we are restoring your slide it is the perfect time to also upgrade your sights.

Here is how we work our magic:

We will 100% disassembe your slide including removing the sights. We will then proform a two part process that starts with Abrasive Blasting the slide. This will remove all the rust and tarnish on the slide as well as remove almost all but the deepest of scratches and blemishes. We then will glass bead the slide for a beautiful factory fresh looking satin stanless slide.

Check out our facebook page with a bunch of examples of our work:

You will find plenty of examples of custom work and colors we have done for customers. Please use this as a guide of what we can do. If you want something you do not see listed, contact us and I will see if I can give you a quote.

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