XS F8 Night Sights


XS F8 Night Sights


Shoot better day and night. XS F8 night sights increase front sight focus by using a large, high-contrast front sight for fast sight acquisition. The wide U-notch increases front sight visibility and easily aligns with the front sight. XS F8 night sights give you the best notch and post solution for fast sight acquisition in all lighting conditions.

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This if for the Springfield XD, mod.2, XDM, XDS, XDE in all calibers and barrel lengths. This same sight is also for Sig P225, P226, P228, P229, P320

  • Tritium Powered Front & Rear Sight - Glows in low light to aid in sight alignment
  • Colored Front Sight Ring - Highly visible orange ring designed for maximum visibility in bright to low light levels
  • Photoluminescent Ring - Photoluminescent particles absorb ambient light and glow in low light
  • Overhung Rear Sight- Reduces rear sight glare in bright daylight for greater sight definition
  • Rounded Rear Notch - Draws focus to top edges of sight for proper alignment
  • Rear Sight Ledge - Aids in one-handed slide manipulations
  • 10 Year Warranty - No Questions Asked Night Sight Warranty
  • Easy Installation - Easily install by hand or sight pusher tool
  • Wide Rear Sight Gap - Increases the amount of light around the front sight for greater visibility in low light