UPS Cargo Plane Crashes In Birmingham Alabama

Fatal Cargo Plane Crash

By James Nicholas

Unfortunately we were closed today because of a Fatal plane crash that happened nearby. Many do not know that I am also a member of the media so when these unexpected events occur I can be on call. I appreciate the customers that were going to allow me an extra day to get their work back out to them. And please believe me I will be working hard to get them out in a timely fashion. The crash happened this morning when a UPS  Airbus A300 cargo plane was on final approach to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth. Sadly both pilots lost their lives, but a miracle did occur since the plane came to rest just a couple hundred yards from a residential neighborhood. The plane clipped the tress and power lines just 30 ft above a house and church. Here are some of the pictures I took and thought I would share. Its things like this that remind you life is short so please do not forget that.