Sorting XD Parts

A pile of XD parts!

By James Nicholas 

I got a bag of some bulk parts for the Springfield XD and XDM last week and they need to be organized. When you look at the pile of parts just laying there it can get kind of intimidating if you don't know what everything is. This was pile number one  with mostly frame components in it. To those who know what your looking at yes you will see some parts that are not available outside of the factory or anywhere else. Since I work on XD's everyday I have to have everything you need to completely rebuild an XD from the ground up. And minus the frame anything else that can wear out, brake or be replaced I have it in stock. 

Above is bin Number one that is stocked with XD and XDM common frame components. I have similar bins for XDM only components, and slide common parts as well. I also have some bins with complete uppers as well, just in case one ever needs to get replaced. So if you blow up your XD know I am one of maybe a handful of places anywhere in the world thats stocks this stuff. I probably have more parts for these guns than the original importer HSARMS ever did. So rest assured if your gun breaks, it can almost always be fixed. So thats my secret parts stash, maybe next I will open up the gun library. I own over 50 different HS2000, XD, XDM & XDS pistols. I pretty much have one of every variation of these guns. I also have some of the guns HS Produkt created before the XD and HS2000 in the library. I have examples of long and short barrel PHP pistols and even an HS95. When you lay them all out it gets impressive to see the history and the growth of the series.