Purple Splatter Smith & Wesson 22

Purple and Black Splatter KG Gunkote 

By James Nicholas

I love showing off unique projects that we have been working on and this is one of them. I had a customer that had me do a purple and black splatter coat on his Glock a couple of months back. Well his Granddaughter saw it and immediately demanded that her Smith and Wesson get the same treatment. This is actually the first Smith & Wesson 22 that I have done and did not have the jigs to coat it. The customer came up with an idea to hold the barrel using a tap to screw into the bottom of the barrel were there was already a retaining screw hole. He also sent a stand to make sure I was able to securely hold everything. Since it was for his granddaughter I also added a finial pearl coat that gives it a candy finish like you would see on a car. The pearl adds a glistening effect in the sun that which is quite nice. I got an email from the customer who opened it and he agreed that she will absolutely love it.