Choosing the right Trijicon HD's for your Springfield Armory XDS

By James Nicholas

Since the XDS comes from the factory with the same height sights "G" as most all of the other XD & XDm`s there is already aftermarket sights that fit this new pistol. Springfield was wrong when the first reported that the dovetail were different on the XDS pistol. After getting my first XDS in hand and installing aftermarket sights on it I was correct on my assumption that the dovetail was not different from the other XD pistols.

From left to right: The factory rear sights on the Classic XD, XDS & XDM pistols. All of them are "G" marked rear heights. Even though they are different in shape they are all the same height. 

My copy of the XDS came equipped with the "G" marked rear sight. The "G" marked factory sights come on almost 99% of all XD series pistols no matter the barrel length or calibre.

The Trijicon HD XD specific Model # SP101O/SP101Y Orange/Yellow version does not look right on the small XDS slide. The rear sight sticks out off the back of the slide and the gap underneath is kind of wide.

The slide of a Springfield Armory XDS pistol with the Trijicon HD sight set installed. Model number SP101O/SP101Y Orange/Yellow. They do not look right on the small XDS Slide. 

The proper Trijicon HD sight set for the XDS pistol is the version that also works on Sig Sauer pistols. The Trijicon model# SG101O/SG101Y Orange/Yellow. Since the rear sight in this sight set is slightly smaller from front to back it fits nicely on the smaller slide of the XDS. 

The proper version of the Trijicon HD sights installed on an XDS slide. Model# SG101O/SG101Y Orange/Yellow

When using the Trijicon HD`s on the XDS you should use a combat sight picture. Put the front dot center in the cut out of the rear sight.....this will line up all three dots. Put the center of the front dot on what you want to hit. To make a head shot put the front dot covering the nose to hit the nose. With a combat sight picture your front sight will cover the center of the target and you should try to keep both eyes open. Let the front sight dot float in space in front of you. This is very similar and you should use the same technique when shooting a red dot on a rifle. 

This target represents the XDS being shot with factory sights and Winchester white box 230gr RN. My pistol shot to the left constantly at 10 ft, this is not an error on the shooters part since the shot grouping was always tight and always to the left. After adjusting the rear sight slightly to the left, the impacts were centered. Using a 6' Oclock sight picture I was shooting low. When using a combat sight picture I was on target. 

The target showing how to aim with the Trijicon HD sights. 

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