The 1st upgraded XDS already back to a customer?

A new user at XDTALK got his upgraded XDS back today. And since he was a new user and no one knows this person other members at XDTALK were suspicious. I asked him if I could host his photos and after looking at them this guy is legit. 


"Hello all,

New guy here, but have been reading and watching the forum since prior to buying my XDS in July.

I mailed mine to SA, it was received 9/4 and returned today. I got an extended mag, and they put it in what looks like a used small plastic carry case with dirty foam?? Not what I sent it in with, but ok...

Anyway, I was elated to get my email last week saying it would be here today- got it, opened the box like a kid at Christmas to be utterly let down.

My gun was filthy! I'm not talking just fired a few rounds to test dirty, I mean like a few hundred rounds filthy! I immediately tore it down, hands were black from racking the slide back... I had flash residue on the muzzle end, the barrel on closer inspection was completely caked with powder. You could barely see the riffling marks.

Granted I only dry fired it, but the trigger pull is not the same either, it's spongy and grainy....perhaps a good cleaning will remove the grainy feel, but I loved the trigger pull before sending it in. Now, it's can feel the spring tension in the trigger- the reset is also very spongy with what feels like some play in between the reset position and fire position. 

They have killed my gun! Needless to say I will be on the horn with SA customer service in the am...

Here is hoping your XDS 45s come back better... I only had a few rounds through mine before sending it back, basically ain't new no more!

Wishing I never sent it in...

I will post what SA says tomorrow as to the fate of my XDS- til then, keep me down range fellas!"