Truglo Now Includes Warranty Paperwork

Truglo spells out their night sight warranty

By James Nicholas


A set of Truglo TFO night sights


Truglo is now including an explanation of their night sight warranty inside of every package. The warranty sheet finally answers much of the mis information that is being spread across many firearms forums. Unlike what has been reported Truglo does actually off a 12 year warranty on their night sights as they always have. Whats different is that the warranty is now explicitly stated and publicly available. To summarize the warranty 

  • It is a 12 year warranty from original manufacturing (keep your TFO paper work packaging) 
  • Original retail purchaser  
  • Must have proof of Purchase
  • No registration required
  • Sights Decay and dim over time
  • Must be installed properly or will void warranty
  • If product fails must contact Truglo for an return Merchandise Authorization RMA
  • RMA must be marked on the package
  • $12.50 charge for return shipping
  • Truglo has the option of repair, replace or make appropriate adjustment

The warranty does not cover  

  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Surface finish (the bluing)  
  • Modifications  
  • Neglect
  • Improper installation
  • You just don't like them
  • Grey market (products purchased outside of the US)  

Here is a scanned copy of Truglo's warranty. 

A scanned copy of Truglo's warranty sheet.