Pink & Pearl Splatter S&W Shield

A Candy Finish Finish To Die For

By James Nicholas 

This project was for a customers special wife. It is a Smith & Wesson Shield with Truglo TFO sights installed and a custom paint Job. 

This three layer refinish job starts with 

A base coat of Pink KG Gunkote 

Satin Black Spatter KG Gunkote 

Pearl Top coat of KG Gunkote. 

Truglo TFO Sights on New XDS 4.0

XDS 4.0 Uses Same Sights As all Other XD's 

By James Nicholas 

I installed some Truglo TFO sights on the new XDS 4.0. When I removed the rear sight I was able to confirm that the 4.0 also uses a "G" sight set. This means that most current aftermarket sights for the XD, XDM and XDS will also work for the longer barreled 4.0 pistol as well.