Pink & Pearl Splatter S&W Shield

A Candy Finish Finish To Die For

By James Nicholas 

This project was for a customers special wife. It is a Smith & Wesson Shield with Truglo TFO sights installed and a custom paint Job. 

This three layer refinish job starts with 

A base coat of Pink KG Gunkote 

Satin Black Spatter KG Gunkote 

Pearl Top coat of KG Gunkote. 

Grey XDM 5.25

If It Don't Exist, Make It

By James Nicholas 


I had a customer send me an XDM to make a Grey bi-tone pistol for them. I recommended they keep the small parts black and they took my advice. First it was cheaper. Second the small parts on the frame would continue to match and carry over to the accent parts on the slide. So instead of a bi-tone you end up with a triton pistol that looks great. 

To complete the project you will have to 100% disassemble the pistols frame. Then you will need to degrease the frame. What separates me from others though is that I go the extra step and abrasive blast the plastic just like I would any metal part. This gives the plastic some tooth and scuffs it up so the coating adheres to it better and more evenly. You are opening the pores slightly and letting the coat just grab onto and become one with the plastic. Take a close look at the assembled pictures paying attention to the pin holes. Even though you have to drive the pins back into place in the frame, you will not see any chipping of the coating. A second chemical cleaning to remove any other oils and spray her up. 

For the coating we used the 1200 series KG Gunkote - 1203F Flat Grey. Notice on the close up picture of the XDM's grip how crisp and defined the letters and edging are even after coating. Too often you see coated pistols were the coating has been applied thick and you loose detail. When refinishing firearms you want to refinish them not REFINISH them. You get a factory look without going overboard. 

If you have a project in mind, send us an e-mail and see what we can do for you. This project cost the customer 60.00 to refinish the frame in one color.