White & Titanium XDS Tiger Stripe

Springfield Armory XDS Tiger Stripe White & Titanium

By James Nicholas

With this Tiger striped XDS we applied down a base coat of Flat White then added Titanium stripes. After refinishing we installed a set of Truglo TFO sights. 

White and Titanium tiger striped Springfield Armory XDS pistol. 

KG Gunkote Tiger Striped XDS

Leupold Brown & Black Tiger Striped Springfield Armory XDS

By James Nicholas

We did this custom refinish for a customer earlier in the year. We did a base coat of Leupold Brown, then masked it off and put a second coat of Matte Black Tiger stripes. 

Showing each side of the Leupold Brown and Black tiger striped XDS. 

Side view of the Leupold Brown and Black Tiger Striped XDS