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Sight Mount Picatinny Rail Sight 

By James Nicholas  

Sight Mount LLC

Introduced: 2012


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MSRP: $84.99 

Materials: Aluminum 

Models Available For:

An angled view of the Sight Mount for the Springfield Armory XD or Glock rear sight replacement. 

An angled view of the Sight Mount for the Springfield Armory XD or Glock rear sight replacement. 

  • Beretta 92/96FS,D,G Brigadier, Elite, Compact Centurion
  • Beretta 9296A1, Vertec
  • Beretta PX4
  • Glock All Models & Generations
  • Springfield All XD & XDM (will not work XDS) 
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 
  • FN, X


A unique mount that allows you to add a reflex (red dot) sight to your pistol. But allows you to remove that sight at any time and revert back to a regular 3 dot configuration. Great for versatility and for those that want redundancy. The Sight Mount is a picatinny rail that utilizes a dovetail block to mount on to your pistols slide. The rail also has sighting dots incorporated into the end of it so that you can use it like you would your stock sights. This allows you to permanently install the Sight Mount onto your favorite pistol and add or remove an electronic sight at will when ever you want.Future plans include an option for a tritium night sight version that is to be announced. Since the Sight Mount is available for several different brands and models of pistols adding a rail to each allows you to move your expensive electronic sight between them. 

The Sight Mount kit we got to test out was model #10506 that will fit all Glock and Springfield Armory XD/XDM pistols. Please note that this particular kit will not fit the newer Springfield Armory XDS pistol.  


Items that were included in the Sight Mount kit. 


included in our kit are 1 dovetail base (specific to gun manufacture and model), 1 picatinny rail mount, 1 T10 star bit, 3 star screws & 3 lock washers. 

Showing how the dovetail base locks into the rail. 

If you flip the Sight Mount universal picatinny rail you can see the cut out were the dovetail block will lock into place. The forward relief cutout is not used for the XD or Glock but allows for the movement on the Beretta 92 drop safety if used on that pistol. 

The back view of the Sight Mount sight. 

The back view of the sight, the center channel allows you to use the picatinny rail just like you would any other 3 dot sighting system. 

From left to right above: To install the Sight Mount you will first need to remove the existing rear sight from your slide. Next you will need to install the the provided dovetail block. As you push the dovetail block into place make sure that it is centered on your slide. 

Once you have centered the dovetail block, go ahead and dry fit the picatinny rail on top of the slide. Here is were you will have to make a decision regarding the install. You can secure the rail using just the two rear screws, but for what Sight Mount considers a proper installation you should also use the forward third hole as well. 

Two screws vs. Three - I personally have used the Sight Mount with a Burris Fastfire III and only used the two rear screws. After initial testing I felt that the sight was secure enough for my needs and I did not have to permanently modify my slide. Now my needs were just to add an electronic sight to my pistol for fun and not for serious competition or duty use. If this were a duty/defense or my serious competition pistol then yes I would tae the extra step to drill and tap the slide for the third screw. Here is a direct quote from Sight Mount and their FAQ Page:

"Here is my standard answer. Sight Mount comes with a dovetail block that fits snugly into the existing rear sights dovetailed slot on the top of the slide after the old sight is removed. 2 #6x48 screws with external star lock washers and locktite secure Sight Mount to this block, a centered countersunk hole sits approx. 1.5 inches in front of these and it is intended that at that point a .150 inch deep  hole is drilled and tapped for a #6x48 screw, this is the third mounting point with no washer and only locktite. With these three holes the mount is rock solid, always centered and parallel to the bore, and a quality RMR will always return to 0 when removed and replaced. All of that said the question still gets asked, "can the third screw be left off"? My answer is the same as Burris' in their packaging, "a third hole is provided for a competent gunsmith to add the third screw" I have added Sight Mount considers this proper installation. It simply makes no sense to me to not use it, as any sight is only as accurate as it's mount. Sight Mount has been designed for LE and Military use and  becomes the weapons permanent rear sight, shortcuts are not an option in my opinion as lives depend on performance. Most people would never think of only using one of their scope bases available screws on a rifle as accuracy WILL be affected, Sight Mount is no different. Mounted properly it will excel at its intended purpose."

So the question of two vs. three screws is going to have to be a question that you ask your self and weigh the options against what your requirements are .  


Brownells makes some of the best screwdriver handles  you can buy. Any serious gunsmith should have at least one. 

Here is were I make a make a a recommendation you will thank me for. If you do any gunsmithing at all professionally or as a hobby you need at least one of Brownells Magna-Tip screw driver handles. They are arguably some of the best in the business and yes they are worth their price. The magnets Brownells uses in their handles are strong and hold both the bits and screws securely were others don't.  

From left to right above: use the provided star screws and lock washers to secure the picatinny rail to the slide. Use the provided T10 bit to tighten the screws to 12 inch pounds each. Take care not to over tighten as you can strip the threads on the dovetail block. If you decide to drill and tap the slide so you can use the third mounting point make sure to only use the screw in the forward hole. 

A view of the sight picture using the Sight Mount as iron sights. 

If you install the lock washer in the forward hole it can block your sight picture if you use the Sight Mounts as iron sights. Above you can see the sight picture if you use the Sight Mount without an electronic sight. 

The Burris Fastfire III

For this review we ordered the Burris Fastfire III red dot kit that came with a picatinny adapter. Now that the Sight Mount is securely attached to our slide it's time to mount the red dot. 

The Burris Fastfire III reflex red dot electronic sight. 

To install the Burris Fastfire III on the Sight Mount rail follow the instructions from Burris to add the picatinny clamp adapter to the red dot. Tighten the Burris clamps thumbscrew hand tight head to the range and sight the red dot in according to the instructions. Have a blast and shoot up some ammo. 

Sight Mount makes a solid product that can expand the capabilities of your pistol and improve your shooting. If you have never used an electronic sight they are not only fast and easy to use, but can make you a more accurate shooter. If you have ever looked into adding an electronic sight to your pistol you know that the options that exist can be expensive, require extensive modification of the pistol or just to bulky for practical use. Sight Mount came up with a nice small and easy mounting system that not only gives you a practical way to add a red dot to your pistol but one that also can serve double duty making it priceless in the event your electronic equipment dies when you need it most. The quick and easy attachment/detachment of the red dots to the Sight Mount means that it is definitely worth you looking into these sights and see if they can meet your needs. I would say if you have been contemplating a red dot sight make sight mount your base platform. 

Depending on what pistol you will be installing the Sight Mount on, you may need some gunsmithing help. Not only if you want to add the third mounting point by drilling and tapping the slide. But particularly on the Springfield XD, the sights can be notoriously hard to remove. Before you damage your slide trying to pound out your rear sight you should consider professional help first.